The magical benefits of Thai massage at Mebuki Spa

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Health is always a top concern. In order for the body to get rid of stress and fatigue, looking for measures such as massage is the most reasonable and safest choice. Let’s find out with Mebuki Spa a massage method that is very popular with Vietnamese people, which is Thai massage in this article!

Thai massage method

A brief overview of Thai massage

This is a massage method that many people choose to trust today at health spas. This method originated in India, then was introduced to Thailand and is very popular in the land of the Golden Temple. Later, thanks to the miraculous effects brought, this method spread to Southeast Asia, including Vietnam.

A unique feature of Thai massage compared to Western massage is that customers will be wearing Spa clothes during the massage. Especially Thai massage does not use essential oils or herbs to support.

Staff will use techniques such as massage, acupressure to affect the meridians and acupuncture points of your body.

The treatment time of this method is about 90 minutes to 2 hours and is highly effective. For example, some diseases such as sciatica or osteoarthritis pain.

A brief overview of Thai massage

The amazing effects of Thai massage

Any massage method has certain effects for the patient. Let’s find out some of the benefits that Thai massage brings:

Relieve stress and fatigue

In conventional massages, only the muscles and joints of the body are focused. Thai massage will directly affect acupuncture points through pressing, pushing, and bending movements.

According to research by experts, Thai massage movements have a faster effect on the body. After affecting the human body, it will reduce the level of the hormone cortisol – the substance that causes stress and fatigue in humans.

Thai massage helps improve health

Regular massage will dilate blood vessels, facilitating blood circulation throughout the body. From there, avoid diseases such as cerebrovascular occlusion, blood clotting, anti-muscle atrophy,… This method also affects joints, muscles and bones, making them work flexibly, enhancing the health of the body. flexibility for the body.

Help balance the patient’s body

Through massage, fat is converted into heat and eliminated to the outside, thereby improving skin elasticity. This technique works on the entire body, helping to balance the body from the inside out. In addition, it also gives you relaxation and comfortable sleep like never before.

The amazing effects of Thai massage

Mebuki Spa – the most reliable Thai massage place today

Mebuki Spa is a prestigious spa located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. With a luxurious design with warm tone as the main theme, promises to bring customers a wonderful experience like never before.

The center has a team of enthusiastic consultants who have many years of experience in the field of massage. Will definitely bring customers the most comfortable moments. Our commitment:

  • Providing healthy Thai massage for all genders.
  • The staff and technicians are all well-trained and thorough.
  • Clean, airy space brings a comfortable feeling for customers.
  • There are many special offers for all types of customers.

Mebuki Spa – the most reliable Thai massage place today

Thai massage experience process at Mebuki Spa

Step 1: Instruct customers on how to wash their feet: As soon as they come to register for the service, Mebuki Spa staff will bring clean water to wash and dry their feet before starting a Thai massage.

Step 2: Declare customer information to capture the customer’s health status and service registration needs.

Step 3: Change clothes: Mebuki Spa staff will give customers clothes to prepare for the Thai massage process.

Step 4: Conduct Thai massage:

  • Massage the waist and back: Has the effect of reducing pain, promoting blood circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system to work effectively to help balance hormones and relieve stress.
  • Hand, Shoulder and Neck Massage: Hand and shoulder massage helps relieve shoulder pain and muscle cramps. Neck massage improves blood circulation and strengthens the neck muscles, making the neck joints more flexible.
  • Head massage: has the effect of increasing blood circulation, improving memory.

Step 5: Relax after massage: Customers drink Thai herbal tea to replenish water lost during massage.

Thai massage experience process at Mebuki Spa

Hopefully, through the above sharing, you have understood more about Thai massage as well as the great benefits of this method. What are you waiting for, come to Mebuki Spa to discover this unique massage method! For any questions about services and prices, please contact us for the fastest advice.

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