Learn about the benefits of Thai massage at Mebuki Spa

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You have heard a lot about Thai massage but do not know anything about this form of massage? How is the process and its benefits? Why is it so popular lately? If you do not know, let’s find out with Mebuki Spa through the article below.

Thai Massage at Mebuki Spa

What is Thai Massage?

This is a fairly popular therapeutic massage method today and Thailand is considered the cradle of this method. The difference between Thai massage and Western massage is that customers are allowed to wear clothes during the massage and do not use essential oils or herbs for support.

Thai massage brings mainly acupressure, helps blood circulation, relieves stress and fatigue. People who come to this method want to quickly recover their health after studying and working hard. Or treat diseases such as sciatica, headache, back pain, joint pain.

What is Thai Massage?

Does Thai massage have health benefits?

Most massage methods have certain effects and so does  massage Thai. The great benefits it brings are as follows:

Health promotion

Thai massage stimulates many parts of the body, affecting 10 main circuits. Applying this massage regularly helps blood vessels dilate, blood circulation, thereby reducing the burden on the heart, blood pressure more stable. Besides, this method helps us relieve fatigue, strengthen the body’s resistance. Because massage combined with acupressure, the whole body will be relaxed, health and spirit will be increasingly improved.

Body balance

Through massage, fat is converted into heat and excreted to the outside, thereby improving the elasticity of the skin. Thai massage is done on a thin mattress placed on the house and there is no massage table. This massage technique is applied all over the body, helping to balance the body from the inside out, improving your sleep and mood.

Reduce fatigue and stress

Ordinary massages, if only focusing on muscles and joints, this method directly affects the acupoints by pressing, pressing, and folding movements. According to research by experts, Thai massage movements after affecting the human body will reduce the concentration of Cortisol Hormone – the stress-causing concentration if it is high. This massage method will bring a feeling of relaxation, reduce stress.

Does Thai massage have health benefits?

Note to customers when conducting Thai massage

Like other treatment methods, to ensure absolute effectiveness, you need to pay attention to a few issues as follows:

  • People who are not suitable for Thai massage: people with bone and joint diseases, people with cancer, the elderly, people who arepregnant, people with high blood pressure, people with a history of heart disease.
  • Customers should wear loose and comfortable clothes, should not eat too full or too hungry before the massage.
  • When conducting massage, you must relax your body, not stress, worry, breathe evenly to achieve maximum effect.
  • When you have sinus disease, stuffy nose, runny nose absolutely should not have Thai massage.

Basic Thai massage steps

  • Step 1: The massage staff opens the acupuncture points, eliminates stress, anxiety and brings a feeling of relaxation.
  • Step 2: After opening the acupoints, you will enter the main stage. The staff will first press on the soft tissues of the body to open the blood circulation. Next, they use operations that affect the entire body to maximize the effect of the massage. The movements used in this step are rubbing, straightening, pulling, pushing, pressing and massage to soften the entire joints.
  • Step 3: Close the body acupressure to end the Thai massage. At this time, your body will be completely relaxed, the energy in the body is abundant and full of vitality.

Basic Thai massage steps

Mebuki Spa – the leading professional and prestigious Thai massage address

After hours of activities, studying and working hard, Mebuki Spa is the ideal address to add positive energy for customers.

About space: Mebuki Spa has an airy and spacious space located in a prime location in Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh City. This place is designed towards nature, fresh, not cramped. The room level is just right, suitable for all customers, ensuring absolute comfort.

Staff and technicians: The most important factor for massage Thai  staff is qualifications and skills. They are all well-trained from experienced professionals.

In addition, we always aim to provide dedicated and attentive customer service. Mebuki Spa always receives your comments to make the service better and better.

Mebuki Spa – the leading professional and prestigious Thai massage address

Hopefully, through the above sharing, you have understood more about Thai massage as well as the great benefits of this method. So, what are you waiting for, come to Mebuki Spa to experience this massage method. If you have any questions about services or prices, please contact us for the fastest advice.

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