The recent massage service you must try

Massage is no longer a strange thing, when it comes to this subject, everyone thinks of the two words “relaxation”. Besides this use, what other effects does massage have? What’s special about recent massage service? Find out this content in the article below with Mebuki.

The recent massage service you must try

Reasons to choose a massage service when going to a spa

Due to the increasing demand, the recent  massage services have become extremely “hot”. It is no coincidence that this method is very popular. That’s because massage has many benefits, especially for health.

First of all, it has an effective stress reliever effect. Many people when coming to the spa have chosen massage to relax on the weekend. Currently, there are many different types of massage such as head massage, body massage, etc. In which therapeutic massage is the product line that many people seek.

Massage has a powerful effect on muscles, tendons, skin, ligaments and psyche. Massage is like a pain reliever for the body after a tiring day.

Not only physical support, massage also brings mental benefits. The right massage techniques can help reduce stress, control.

Then there is the ability to reduce anxiety symptoms, help sleep better and reduce fatigue. According to experts, massage increases blood flow and circulation in the body.

Thereby helping to remove toxins easily and control blood pressure more effectively. With these uses, what are you waiting for without trying a massage every time you come to the spa.

What is a massage service?

Recent misconceptions about recent massage service

There are many people who have incorrect thoughts about massage services. Many people think that massage is not good and should not be used. Here are some common misunderstandings about massage services:

Massage has no use but relaxation

Massage has recently developed a lot, bringing many wonderful uses. Massage therapy is also used to relieve chronic pain.

Helps restore sleep as well as enhance mental health. Massage even aids in wound healing after injury or surgery.

Massage is associated with “sensitivity”

Allowing employees to touch the body of many people consider it very sensitive. However, you have the right to decide how private you are during the massage.

You can completely limit the areas that the specialist can touch during the massage. Moreover recent massage is very comfortable and respects every decision of the customer.

Massage Cost Cost

With uses that also include therapy, cost-effective massage is considered appropriate and affordable. If you have pain due to nature or other health problems, you can treat it with massage.

Using this method saves money and time as it does not require the use of drugs. There are also head lice in some cases that avoid surgery. Thus, the cost of massage is not expensive.

Recent misconceptions about recent massage service

Special combo recent massage service at Mebuki

If you are looking for a place massage nearby with attractive service packages. Then you can choose massage at Mebuki Spa. Here are some combo packages that you must try when coming to Mebuki:

Massage for 90 minutes combining legs and body

At Mebuki Spa, we have prepared a lot of surprises for our customers. Combo is 90 minutes, but the actual maximum is 150 minutes. When using this combo pack you will have a great time. It relieves stress, relieves muscle tension and wards off many other ailments.

You will be able to relax and exfoliate your feet for 10 minutes. Followed by a 30-minute intensive reflex foot massage. Finally, a full body massage for the next 60 minutes.

Most importantly, you can choose your package based on your preferences according to Thai/Aroma/Mebuki. In addition, you can also receive two very attractive gifts. It is relaxing with 15 minutes hot stone or 30 minutes sauna completely free.

Combo 120 minutes of comprehensive massage

Another combo pack you should try at Mebuki Spa is the comprehensive combo. The surprise that Mebuki brings to customers with this combo package is that instead of 120 minutes, customers will experience 150 minutes.

  • Your feet will be exfoliated and relaxed for the first 10 minutes.
  • High intensity foot reflexology massage in 30 minutes by highly qualified technicians.
  • The next 45 minutes, you will have intensive acupressure on shoulders and back. The price of this service only needs you to spend 650,000 VND. With more than 600,000 VND, is it too much to get intensive reflexology?
  • Get a 45-minute full body massage and choose from signature Thai, Aroma or Mebuki Signature packages.
  • Hot stone 15 minutes from Mebuki, sauna 30 minutes are two free gifts. You will experience one of these two services if you choose the combo package.

In addition to the above two combo packages, Mebuki has many other service packages. The quality of Mebuki massage is highly appreciated by many customers.

Special combo massage service at Mebuki

Above are some introductions about recent massage services that readers can refer to. Come quickly to Mebuki Spa to experience moments of relaxation. Attractive combo packages and many massage gifts are still waiting for you.

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