The most effective therapeutic acupressure massage in Ho Chi Minh City

Massage – a type and method was born a long time ago with the purpose of health care and beauty for people. With the type of massage acupressure therapy Ho Chi Minh City being popular recently, attracting a lot of customers. So what is reflexology massage? Let’s find out the following article of Mebuki Spa!

Massage acupressure therapy Ho Chi Minh City

What is acupressure massage therapy?

Currently, with the development of many aspects, massage is having new methods to help people become more and more healthy. One of the methods that is gaining popularity recently is reflexology massage.

Therapeutic massage is an impact massage with physical therapy using techniques such as acupressure, massage. The massage in this way has been recognized by both Eastern and Western medicine in the world because it can relieve a lot of human diseases.

Acupressure is a technique that uses soft, professional hands of technicians to influence acupuncture points and nerves on the body. Employees can use their whole hands to serve as fingers, finger tissues, knuckles,… Such stimulation to the skin helps organs, nerves, humors, endocrine factors have changed in a good direction.

The combination of both therapeutic massage and reflexology has greatly increased the effect and support for both sides. You can relieve fatigue after hours of work, tired labor. In addition, this combination helps to reduce human bone and nerve diseases.

Therefore, acupressure massage therapy in Ho Chi Minh City is popular with both men and women.

Therapeutic acupressure massage method

What benefits does acupressure massage bring to people?

The reason that currently massage therapy reflexology in Ho Chi Minh City is very popular:

  • Helps to relax, relieve stress, stress by life or work pressure. Dispel all worries and worries, directing customers to peace and relief.
  • Metabolism, blood circulation, blood circulation take place more effectively: Due to the impact on blood vessels and nerves.
  • Relieve muscle tension, joint pain, especially bone and joint diseases such as herniated disc, shoulder pain, back pain…
  • Helps reduce incurable diseases or chronic diseases such as menstrual pain, insomnia, cough, bronchitis, blood pressure, sinusitis, vestibular disorders…
  • In addition, it is very good to treat headaches because it affects acupoints in areas such as the neck, shoulders, nape, top of the head, …
  • Eliminate toxins in the body, promote the organs to work better.

Benefits of therapeutic acupressure massage

Some small notes when massage acupressure therapy

To increase the effect when using acupressure massage therapy more effectively, you should note a few things as follows:

  • It is recommended to have acupressure massage at spas or places with a team of highly qualified doctors and specialists. Because this treatment can lead to very severe bone damage or unwanted nerve damage.
  • The subjects should not use this method of therapy: People with diseases of appendicitis, severe stomach pain, heart failure, kidney failure. On the other hand, there are bone and joint injuries, open trauma, skin inflammation, sores, …
  • It is recommended to perform regularly 2-3 courses, each course lasts about 15 days. To be effective, you should follow the right course of treatment according to the opinion of highly qualified specialists.
  • Before using this method, it is necessary to inform the medical conditions so that the experts and doctors can give you a reasonable course of treatment.
  • After completing the massage session, you should not be too active for the first day. Newbies may feel achy, tired, but rest assured you will get well soon and should combine with the treatment.

Therapeutic massage will be effective when combined with other methods and therapies:

  • Gentle scent from natural essential oils: creating a feeling of lightness and comfort. Scent helps people feel the comfort of therapy.
  • Mellow, gentle music: bringing relaxation, no longer having to worry about all pressures to customers.
  • Herbal essential oils: in combination with essential oils, in addition to being able to increase the massage of body tissues and muscles, it also beautifies the customer’s skin.

Note when massage acupressure therapy

Above is all the necessary information that Mebuki Spa brings to you. If you have any questions about Ho Chi Minh City reflexology massage, you can contact Mebuki Spa directly for the best support! Wish you have a good experience after the article of Mebuki Spa.

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