Therapeutic massage spa near District 1 that you should know

Currently, massage is a method to help relax and relieve pain for the body quickly, safely and effectively. After a period of stressful and tiring work, you want to find a therapeutic massage spa near District 1 to relax? Follow this article to learn about the most prestigious and quality massage therapy facility near District 1!

Therapeutic massage spa near District 1

What is massage?

Massage is an effective and quick method of reducing stress and pain in the body. The essence of this method is the use of hand force to press, massage, squeeze, press, swipe, … on acupuncture points and organs on the body. This is a treatment that has been around for a long time. It is thanks to its effectiveness that massage therapy has existed and is increasingly developing at the present time.

What are the benefits of therapeutic massage?

Today’s therapeutic massage methods bring people a lot of benefits in health care and protection, namely:

  • Relieves joint pain, relaxes muscles to overcome muscle tension.
  • Relieve stress, stress, always keep the spirit in a positive state.
  • Promote blood circulation and metabolism in the body, regulate sleep to bring you a peaceful sleep.
  • Skin care and regeneration, preventing aging.
  • Burn fat in the body, help you have a slim and healthy figure.

What are the benefits of therapeutic massage?

The best quality massage therapy address near District 1

Currently, there are many spa massage therapy facilities near District 1. Therefore, it is more difficult to choose the most prestigious and quality place for long-term treatment. Understanding that, we will introduce you to a therapeutic massage spa near District 1 that is chosen by many people: Mebuki spa.

Mebuki spa is a Japanese-style therapeutic massage facility that specializes in traditional massage techniques. Say no to the use of drugs and chemicals for treatment. Not only is it a familiar destination for domestic customers, Mebuki spa also attracts a large number of foreign customers who regularly visit. Come to Mebuki spa to get health care in a fresh, clean and airy massage space right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City!

The best quality massage therapy address near District 1

Some of the most rewarding massage services at Mebuki spa

When coming to Mebuki spa, you will have the opportunity to experience a variety of therapeutic massages near District 1 here. Each type will bring different therapeutic effects. Please use the following information to choose the type of service that is best for you!

Foot massage

The feet are the part where many nerves, blood vessels and acupuncture points on the body are concentrated. Therefore, this is a very sensitive part and needs regular attention and care. Foot massage service at Mebuki spa will help relax and relieve the foot pain you are experiencing. The massage therapist will conduct manual massage and acupressure to affect the acupuncture points on the feet. Thereby, helping the feet become softer, more relaxed and comfortable.

Full body massage

This is one of the most loved health care services at Mebuki spa. Body massage brings a lot of great benefits to human health. This is not only an effective solution to reduce stress and fatigue, but also solve the symptoms of pain in the whole body. Currently, at Mebuki spa, there are various types of body massage such as Thai massage, Shiatsu massage and Mebuki Signature.

Neck and shoulder massage therapy

Most patients experience neck and shoulder pain because they often have to bend in front of the computer screen for too long or do heavy work such as carrying, carrying,… Mebuki spa will use neck massage method. shoulders and neck to support pain relief for patients. This method has a quick relaxing effect, relieves neck and shoulder pain or numbness of hands and feet.

In addition, this method also helps to open the meridians and stimulate better blood circulation. If not treated well, the pain can turn into more dangerous diseases such as herniated discs, cervical spondylosis,… Therefore, quickly come to Mebuki spa for treatment. Is it in-depth?

90-minute and 120-minute massage combo package at Mebuki spa

If you want to experience all of the above massage services, choose our combo packages. There are 2 combo packages at Mebuki: Combo 90 minutes and Combo 120 minutes. With the 90-minute combo package, you will be treated to a combination of 2 services: full body massage and foot massage. The 120-minute Combo package will add another service, neck and shoulder massage.

The time is the same, but in fact you will be treated for up to 150 minutes for the 120-minute Combo package. Choosing Combo packages is a reasonable solution that helps you save money and have a good time. can cure all body aches and pains. So, quickly come to Mebuki spa for an intensive treatment!

Some of the most rewarding massage services at Mebuki spa

Thus, it can be affirmed that, Mebuki spa is a perfect choice for those who are in need of relaxation and body care at a therapeutic massage spa near District 1. If you have any questions. If you have any questions, you can directly contact the staff at Mebuki spa via hotline: 093 178 0865 for advice and support!

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