Do you know the magical uses of therapeutic massage?

Whenever the body feels stressed and tired, people often go to spas for massage therapy. That makes people mistakenly believe that massage therapy only works to relieve stress. However, it has more magical effects than that. This article will provide all the information you need to know about therapeutic massage!

Therapeutic massage

What is therapeutic massage?

Massage therapy is a treatment method that uses hand force and other specialized tools to physically impact muscles and connective tissue to relieve tension and reduce pain in the body. This method has been applied by humans for a long time as the first treatment used to relieve pain in the body. Experiencing a long development process, now there are many forms of massage therapy that are born and bring high therapeutic effects to users.

As society develops, the pressures in work and life are increasing day by day. Standing or sitting for too long at work or looking at a computer screen a lot will make the muscles in the hips, calves, neck, shoulders, back, and back tense and make us feel pain. Massage therapy will be a “miracle” medicine to help you heal those organs that are overloaded or injured. In order to restore the muscle system to work effectively again and keep the body’s balance.

What is therapeutic massage?

Effects of therapeutic massage

It is not natural that therapeutic massage methods have become so famous and popular with many people. This type of relaxation will help you deal with health problems such as:

  • Reduces joint pain, muscle aches in all parts of the body.
  • Enhance blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure, stimulate metabolic activities in organs and keep the body in balance.
  • Relieve pressure, depression, end stress, make the spirit more positive and excited.
  • Resolving headaches, persistent migraines.
  • Promotes the faster recovery of organs after injury, helping the body to return to stable operation.
  • Eliminate fat, excess fat and substances harmful to the body.
  • Helps you have a shiny, healthy and smooth skin like in your twenties.
  • Slow down the aging process of the skin, remove wrinkles on the face.
  • Acts on every part of the body so that they coordinate smoothly and supple in all activities.

Effects of therapeutic massage

The most prestigious massage therapy address in Ho Chi Minh City

If you are facing health-related problems and want to find a reputable massage therapy facility to relax, please visit Mebuki spa! This is one of the most prestigious spas in Ho Chi Minh City today. Every year, this facility always attracts a lot of domestic and foreign visitors to experience massage services here.

When you choose to go with Mebuki spa, you will experience a variety of therapeutic massage services in a relaxing space with a “Wood” character. Let’s find out more about some of the most outstanding massage services at Mebuki spa!

The most prestigious massage therapy address in Ho Chi Minh City

Some of the most outstanding massage services at Mebuki spa

To make it easier for you to choose the right type of service for your health condition. Here are some outstanding massage services at Mebuki spa:

  • Body massage: This is an effective solution to reduce body aches and pains. You can choose the 120-minute or 90-minute combo package to relax and improve your health in the most comprehensive way.
  • Golf massage: This type of service is for people who often play sports or play golf. During 90 minutes, staff will conduct massage to restore function of arm and leg muscles for customers.
  • Mebuki-style massage: This is a type of therapeutic massage that can only be found at Mebuki spa. A 90-minute course will erase all your stress and fatigue after hard working hours.
  • Foot massage: also known as foot massage. Staff will conduct foot care by acting on acupuncture points in the foot. This method helps the feet become softer, more relaxed and much healthier.

Some of the most outstanding massage services at Mebuki spa

Thus, therapeutic massage is not only a method to help relieve depression, anxiety and stress for the body. It also affects all organ systems, stimulating them to work most effectively to create a healthy body. If you are experiencing any of the above conditions, come to Mebuki spa for the best treatment!

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