Spa Massage

Referring to massage spa, it is impossible not to mention Mebuki Spa, a spa with Japanese standard services for both men and women. Coming to Mebuki Spa, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy our massage services through packages from basic to advanced. Immerse yourself in a luxurious space filled with the scent of pleasant essential oils and enjoy moments of sweet emotional sublimation massage.

Mebuki Spa is also a leading spa in the field of golf massage in Ho Chi Minh City. With many years of experience in the massage therapy industry, the owner of Mebuki Spa is also an extremely knowledgeable person about Golf. The passion for golf kept surging in her mind, so she practiced quite often and injuries were inevitable. Thinking that the injury would take away the opportunity to stand on the training ground, she found a massage method. With movements that directly impact the rotator cuffs, her neck, shoulders, and neck have gradually recovered from injuries. After recovering, the hostess Mebuki has summarized the great benefits that massage brings, thereby creating a unique golf massage service. She wants Mebuki Spa to be a pioneer in bringing Golf massage services closer to customers as well as golfers.


If you are looking for a prestigious and professional spa, acupressure massage, relaxing sauna, to relieve stress and fatigue after a long day of work. Mebuki Spa is a great choice for you. The services here are performed by a team of well-trained and experienced professionals combined with the effective support of modern machinery and advanced technology, Mebuki Spa always promises provide customers with excellent service.




1. Combo comprehensive care includes: Body (45 minutes) + Skincare (45 minutes)

With this combo, you will be taken care of from face to body. You will enjoy relaxation, comfort both body, and mind.

combo massage

  1. Massage service with thermal essential oils 90 minutes + Free hot stone body massage

After enjoying this combo, you will feel more resilient and full of life. Ready to fight for the difficulties and busyness in your life. A relaxed spirit is especially the best way to show self-confidence.

Hot Oil Massage

  1. Mebuki Signature massage (90 minutes) + Free hot stone body massage

Mebuki Signature massage is one of the special treatments with a blend of Thai Massage and Japanese Shiatsu acupressure exercises.

massge mebuki

Mebuki Signature massage is considered a therapeutic method based on the effects of 10 energy circuits, also known as lotus vessels, to help keep the body healthy.

Customers will be completely satisfied when experiencing this special service at Mebuki Spa.

  1. Sports massage (Golf massage) 90 minutes + Free hot stone body massage

Sports massage – Golf massage is a great way to improve your golf sport? It’s true! Golf massage focuses on relaxing the back, tendons, hip muscles, shoulders and arms to create greater shoulder rotation.


Better hip and back flexibility, while also generating more torque and a higher finish. So no matter your level of play from professional golfer or amateur golfer, Golfer Massage is a great way for you to improve your game.

When you are combined with a hot stone body massage, it will help you really rest and relax after sports activities.

  1. Skincare:

As one of the leading prestigious units of facial massage and care in Ho Chi Minh, Mebuki Spa offers the most relaxing and comfortable moments for customers when performing facial treatments. You will feel the effect right after the first session, the skin is relaxed, properly detoxified in 5 steps under the influence of a technician with many years of experience.

  1. Cleaning makeup remover: remove dirt deep in the pores
  2. Face washing thoroughly: remove dirt and remove dead cells on your face, moisturize and make a premise for the following steps
  3. Exfoliation: clean pores clogged with oil, bacteria, and dirt, limit acne, increase collagen production
  4. Facial massage: helps increase skin elasticity, anti-aging, makes skin ruddy and bright
  5. Applying a mask: moisturize, restore skin, keep skin moist, smooth, and shiny

We hope that after these days of separation, customers will really have moments of complete relaxation at Mebuki Spa.

Please book an appointment before coming so that Mebuki Spa is able to serve you well. 

Wish you will have moments of relaxing and healthy service experience at Mebuki Spa





Địa chỉ: 55 Hàm Nghi, P.Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, HCM

(Mebuki Spa now has a back gate. Go right into the address 76E Pham Viet Chanh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District)

Hotline: 0931780865