Why do office people often have neck and neck pain?

Neck and neck pain that is common musculoskeletal disease today. The characteristic symptom of the disease is frequent dull aches or pain in the neck of the neck. In particular, pain may spread to the shoulder blades. Causes the patient to feel numbness in the arms, fingers, and long neck pain.

Causes of neck and neck pain:
– Because the office people often sit too much, sit for a long time and be lazy to exercise

The characteristic of office work is sitting continuously. They often sit at least 8 hours a day in front of the computer to work. Not to mention that they continued to sit. Because of sitting a lot, the body is always in a certain position. The muscles that work continuously will lead to muscle contraction and pain. Especially the neck and shoulder muscles will have to work more with your hands. Because of the pressure in such a long time without rest, it is difficult to recover, leading to constant pain.

– Do sitting in the wrong position

Not only sitting a lot, lazy to walk but most office people often sit in the wrong position. They can sit in any position as long as they feel comfortable. The main thing that has caused localized muscle spasm. Distort the position of the muscles as well as the neck vertebrae. Leading to a sharp pain in an area or severe fatigue, un relaxable muscle masses will strike, muscle contraction and constant fatigue may not continue to work.

– Due to regular working in air conditioning

Neck and shoulder pain is closely related to the factors of temperature, weather, sudden changes of weather will directly affect health. Specifically, the temperature inside the office is always large difference from outside, especially when the summer is hot outside and the inside is cold, the winter is warm outside. If you go in and out repeatedly between these two environments will cause blood gases to stall, reducing the ability to deliver oxygen to muscle cells, thereby causing fish aches, fatigue, leading to pain. prolonged neck-neck fatigue.

How to improve shoulder pain in the neck

In addition to the paste, hot oil for a temporary solution, the spa is one of the optimal methods to improve this situation. With a staff of professional technicians, diverse methods, effective Japanese style will help you to maximize the pain of the neck and shoulder pain, in addition to the spa also helps you absolute stress after a day of work. stress at office. Come to Mebuki Spa for us to serve you.


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